Wellesley Investment Partners provides personal customized wealth management services to successful individuals, their families, businesses and non-profit organizations.

We are experienced advisors; thought partnership is at the core of each and every client relationship.

  • Depth and rigor of thematic research
  • Experienced advisors dedicated to clients
  • Collaborative personal planning
  • Investment focus on after-tax return
What We Do

We work as a team of investment and planning professionals to provide wealth management services to successful individuals, families and organizations.

Who We Serve

We offer investment management and planning solutions for individuals, families, foundations and endowments.

Investment Professionals

Wellesley Investment Partners’ team of seasoned investment professionals work closely with clients and develop a deep understanding of their financial lives to help them achieve their investment goals.

Advisory Board

Wellesley Investment Partners’ Advisory Board includes both current and former industry professionals.

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