Dividend Growth Strategy

The Wellesley Investment Partners Dividend Growth Strategy consists of dividend-generating companies which we believe are in strong financial standing, and which we feel will increase their dividends over time.

Wellesley Investment Partners Dividend Growth Strategy
Target Allocation*

Return on Equity is over the past 12 months.

Investment Criteria

Dividend-paying equities are evaluated for qualities which we feel help identify favorable holdings. Qualities we consider include:

  1. Good business - We look for companies with a history of strong profitability and solid balance sheets
  2. Fair Price - Valuation is attractive
  3. Experienced Management - A track record of operational proficiency and running the company for the long-term
  4. Shareholder Oriented - Demonstrated desire and ability to reward shareholders with solid and growing dividends

* Target allocation is representative of the Dividend Growth strategy and is subject to change to change without notice. Client portfolios will typically hold approximately 50 stocks.

Additional Disclosures