Dividend Growth Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Strategy

The Wellesley Investment Partners Dividend Growth ESG strategy is intended for investors who feel that a company has an obligation beyond profitability. We screen for companies which rank in the top half of their industry in terms of environmental impact, as well as their social and governance practices. We then construct the strategy by identifying which of these companies pay a solid dividend and which we believe have the capacity to consistently raise it.

Wellesley Investment Partners Dividend Growth ESG Strategy
Target Allocation*

Return on Equity is over the past 12 months.

Investment Criteria

  1. Strong Environmental, Social and Governance Practices - Companies in the top half of their industry on these issues
  2. Fair Price - Valuation is attractive
  3. Experienced Management - A track record of operational proficiency and running the company for the long-term
  4. Shareholder Oriented - Demonstrated desire and ability to reward shareholders with solid and growing dividends

* Target allocation is representative of the Dividend Growth ESG strategy and is subject to change without notice. Client portfolios will typically hold approximately 50 stocks.

Additional Disclosures