Global Asset Allocation

Wellesley Investment Partners manages five Global Asset Allocation strategies with varying levels of target risk ranging from conservative to high risk. Client accounts are broadly diversified across the global capital markets and may include exposure to a combination of U.S., international and emerging market stocks and bonds, commodities, real estate and currencies. Investments may shift in response to evolving economic conditions and the firm’s views on the current and future state of the global capital markets, however changes are made within a pre-determined asset allocation range.

Notes and Disclosures

Target holdings are representative of the Wellesley Investment Partners Global Asset Allocation strategies and are subject to change without notice based on the firm’s global investment views. Client portfolios are primarily composed of Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are index-based investment products that allow you to buy or sell shares of entire portfolios of securities in a single security.

“Cash Investments” may include money market instruments and ETFs that hold investment grade fixed income securities with a maturity of one year or less. “U.S. Equities” may include ETFs that hold large, mid and small capitalization stocks domiciled in the United States. “Non-U.S. Equities” may include ETFs that hold large, mid and small capitalization stocks domiciled outside the United States. “U.S. Fixed Income” may include ETFs that hold primarily U.S. Government, corporate and mortgage fixed income securities of varying maturities. “Commodities” may include ETFs that track commodities such as oil, natural gas, industrial metals, precious metals, agricultural materials and livestock.

Clients choose their investment strategies based on their particular investment objectives, time horizon and risk
tolerance in consultation with Wellesley Investment Partners investment professionals.

Additional Disclosures