We believe that a thoughtfully created wealth plan is a powerful tool to help you make better choices.

Clients’ deeply held values are at the core of our planning process. We partner with you to continuously chart a course toward your personal definition of success.

The wealth planning process is both collaborative and iterative. Each stage of your plan is developed with the information you provide for us to analyze and distill into core concepts.

Four Stages:

Where are you now?

  • What are your values, dreams and aspirations?
  • What are your concerns?
  • Who are the people in your life (and how do they get along?)
  • What resources are available to you now?
  • What’s in your tax return?
  • How do you feel about risk?

Where do you want to be in the FUTURE?

  • How would you prioritize your financial goals?
  • How much money will you need?
  • Which investment plan will help you achieve your goals?
  • Would you like to make gifts or charitable contributions?
  • What kind of risk management strategies do you have in place?
  • Would you consider retirement or will you work as you and your family age?
  • How can we help you manage life’s transitions?
  • What is your planning horizon? (Are you considering your options in months, years or decades?)

What needs to be in your plan for NOW and THEN?

  • An overview of your current position and a plan to move forward
  • An investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset location
  • Tax sensitive planning for growth and income
  • Estate planning and the possibility of trusts
  • Wealth protection
  • Family conversations and financial education
  • Philanthropy and gift planning

Putting your plan into action

Wealth planning is an iterative process to help you stay on course even as we course correct. We regularly return to the plan to review your progress toward your goals. We know that your situation is dynamic and we adjust the plan to fit your situation. We monitor and rebalance portfolios and make adjustments based on our best thinking

While the process of financial planning can seem like simply a litany of spreadsheets, statements and legal documents, it is also a very personal and often emotional journey. As we share “What if…” conversations with our clients, our hope is that they find the freedom to experiment and dream. These conversations can be transformative and empowering, and the planning process can allow clients to view their financial data in a simpler, actionable manner, enabling them to realize new opportunities. Having gone through the process, clients may find that their lives are changed for the better – they have a plan and can imagine more. What if?