Our team has substantial experience in the non-profit sector providing investment management services to endowments and foundations. We know first-hand the issues fiduciaries face when stewarding their organization’s investment assets. Our services include:

  • Managing transparent, cost effective investment strategies
  • Consultation/creation - Investment Policy Statements (IPS)
  • Building customized, diversified portfolios
  • Aligning investments with mission through ESG (socially responsible) offerings
  • Helping board members assess investment risk

In addition to working with non-profits on a professional level, many of the firm’s principals have been active on a personal level with foundations and endowments, having served as trustees, investment committee members and directors. This experience both managing money for non-profits, as well as serving on boards of non-profits, gives us insight into how endowments are managed and the challenges unique to non-profits. We understand that endowments must focus on growing their portfolio over time while also managing future expenses, both planned and unforeseen. Balancing these two goals simultaneously can be challenging, and we work closely with our non-profit clients to ensure we have a deep understanding of the endowment’s goals, cash requirements and time horizon, so that we can make appropriate asset allocation recommendations and construct a portfolio that addresses these needs.

Wellesley Investment Partners offers a discounted fee schedule for non-profits, which we hope helps further the work of the non-profits that we serve.